Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Haven't updated lately

Hey guys!

I know I haven't updated lately. I've been rather busy with crochet work and such. But I'm updateing now so that whoever reads this blog (probably no one :P) knows that were doing okay.

I've been pretty busy lately. I've had some teeth pulled and I'm really busy with crochet. I'm hoping to update some more now.

So far I have a lot of uncompleted projects. Like some half completed prokects some abandoned projects and some projects in progress.

So far I'm working on a chinese dragin and a really tiny 3 inch long bunny. The chinese dragon should hopefully be done sometime the next couple of days. I'm just to lazy to start working on him.

The crochet bunny has a head a body and an ear done so far I'm writing a pattern for him and I'll post it for free. Originally I started the bunny a few months ago but I made the body and it was too big, so I started unraveling it and I came upon a problem where the yarn got stuck somewhere in a stitch so I pulled really hard on the yarn and it snapped. I was mad so I abandoned that project but I just picked up my crochet hook and started it again today. This one should be done by tomorrow.

Please comment! Say whatever you want, I just want to know that someone is reading this.


  1. Hello, I really like your Bunnies, they look real, GOOD JOB! Martha

  2. Thank you!! I'm so happy you think so! :)